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                                                                  Firefox Browser Support 

Firefox support team provides the service to the user who are facing an issues while browsing with firefox browser. If any user faced any problem and issue then firefox support gives the solution of the user’s issue. The main aim of the firefox support team is that provides the satisfaction of the user. 

Before heading to firefox support number, lets’ take a tour to different browsers which are famous worldwide and are widely used by many users.we also described many browsers with their features. 

 Google Chrome:- Google chrome is  web browser developed by google. It is open source software which is developed under chromiun software. 

Feature of the Chrome Browser 

Create Application Shortcuts For Your Favorite Websites. 

Synchronize Bookmarks Across Browsers. 

Task Manager talked about Chrome Browser. 

Check Memory Used By Different Browsers. 

Chrome “Pin Tab” Feature. 


Firefox Mozilla:- Firefox Mozilla  is a free and open-source web browser.  This browser is developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox browser is also available for Windows, macOS and Linux  operating system at this time. Firefox browser is also available for the android phones. Firefox Mozilla has the extra facility like backspace ,save the current in the browser and in your system for an query visit

Feature of the Firefox Mozilla:- 

Insanely improved performance 

Smart Location Bar learns how you browse 

Places Organizer replaces the Bookmark Manager 

Smart bookmarks 

Streamlined "Remember password" handling 

Native looks for every system 

Improved download manager 

Stronger phishing and malware protection 

More intuitive interface overall 




Opera Mini:- Opera Mini is also a web browser. firstly it designed primarily for smartphones and personal digital assistants. Until version 4 it used the Java ME platform, requiring the mobile device to run Java ME applications.  In this time opera mini is launched the new version. This version is opera mini 5.this version,  it is also available as a native application for Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile and this version is also used for the windows. 

Feature of the Opera mini:-  

Data Synchronization 

Free and Unlimited VPN 

Sidebar Extensions 

Mouse Gesture 

Battery Saver mode 

How will firefox support will help you? 

If any user want to contact to the Firefox Customer Support team. it is very simple process because user  will have to visit the site. Firefox customer support  team does the work  24*7 hours in a week.